Shooting while Pregnant

When we are pregnant we are advised to avoid many hazardous activities that may injure the developing fetus.  We take extra care to give our babies the best and strongest start in life, making all the sacrifices necessary to keep our babies safe.  From the information I read in recent publications, I advise women who are pregnant or nursing to avoid shooting a firearm in addition to avoiding the area when others are shooting.

shooting while preg

There are a variety of chemicals released into the air including lead when a gun is fired.  The chemicals are quickly absorbed, exposing the unborn child to toxins unnecessarily.

Champion shooter and mother, Julie Golob, has written a well researched paper  “Shooting While Pregnant, a resource for expecting moms”. (click here to read more) Medical expert Fabrice Czarnecki, M.D. explains the “serious complications for both the fetus and the mother, including miscarriage” linked to shooting a firearm during pregnancy.

“I recommend that, during pregnancy, women not shoot firearms at all, unless in self-defense.” Fabrice Czarnecki, M.D.

If you feel yourself going into shooting withdrawl, you have the option of dry-fire and airsoft.  You can practice nearly every aspect of shooting without using live ammo.  This is a great time to practice clearing the house or shooting from behind a wall or other surface.  Be creative but be safe, soon you will have a little shooting partner to join you.
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