Includes FL CCW

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COVID-19 status: 

 We have temporarily suspended operations at the store.
 CLASSES and SALES will resume once the quarentine is lifted.  All layaway orders will be honored and no one will forfeit their deposit.  We will work with you once business resumes.  
We value our customers as much as ever and will not do anything to jeopardize our relationship with you.
The shooting range that we use for training has been closed as a precaution against the spread of this virus.  Our classes will resume IMMEDIATELY after the range reopens.  
Check back or contact us via email for new and creative ways to stay sharp with your firearm skills during the national quarantine.
See you on the other side of this unprecedented event.  Stay healthy!  - Maria and Richard  
Owning a firearm is one thing but, becoming proficient and effective is the goal...a goal that takes time, patience, and prescribed training to accomplish. Without proper training and practice your firearm may not be as helpful in a life threatening situation. 
Regardless of your level of skill, we can help you!



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The key to becoming truly armed is to learn as much about your firearm and shooting as you can, and to practice often. Frequently practicing what you learn in class will develop the necessary skills and habits you will need to effectively defend yourself.
Femme Fatale's Training staff are constantly researching and learning the latest techniques in defensive shooting to pass these onto YOU...our students!
Below is a summary of the training we have to offer in order to enable and empower our students.