Used Gun Purchases, Trade-ins, and Consignments

Do you have a gun you don’t use?…or don’t like?

Did you inherit or were given a firearm that doesn’t fit you?

Do you need a firearm that is more comfortable to work and shoot?

We can help you!

Femme Fatale ARMS can take your gun in and save you money on a trade towards one that better suites you, that you can effectively handle.

We can also purchase some firearms outright or sell yours on consignment in our gun case!

The easiest way to turn your unwanted firearm into something you can use or into cash …legally, easily, and safely…is to bring your firearm in unloaded and see what we can do!

Contact our staff, our on-site; Glock Advanced, Sig Sauer, and 1911 Certified Armorer  at 321-327-3790 with all your firearm questions.


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