The Training House of Cards

All too often I work with people who have been through a class somewhere that taught them what I would consider to be more advanced techniques, yet they are struggling with the basics such as form, trigger control, and maintaining consistent shot patterns, resulting in a lot of awkwardness or lack of control of their firearm.

There is more to the actual Training & Learning “process” than most people (including trainers) realize. People sign up for training classes in an effort to build their knowledge, develop new skills, and to become proficient at something. Sometimes goals are met, sometimes not, and more often than not, sometimes we think we accomplished what we set out to do, but really didnt. With firearms, it is this third possibility that can be the biggest problem.

Learning a new skill is a very systematic process, a building process that starts with a foundation, and takes on a kind of structure as steps are mastered, applied, revisited, and re-enforced. When we seek out training, we typically don’t really know what we need, we just know what we want to accomplish…which is why we seek competent instructors to begin with!

When we break down what is really happening in the learning process, we find physical, psychological, and biomechanical elements that, when learned and combined properly, result in a skill set, or a “package” of actions that can be peformed with near automation. When we learn the parts and steps to these “packages” out of order, or without the proper synchronizing of bio, physical, and psychological factors, these “practices” (which really cant be considered a skill “set” under this scenario ) can create a false sense competency and unfounded confidence that could prove detrimental in a violent confrontation. When new skills are taught without the neccesary pre-requisite skills, the foundation is weak, and user pressure, collapses like a house of cards.

Its the classic crawl, walk, run. If all you have mastered is crawling, attempting to run will result in falling on your face. Many students want to jump into the more dynamic techniques, before they master the basics, and too many instructors are willing to entertain the teaching of advanced skills to students who are still in the earlier stages of learning.

Is this the students fault for jumping ahead of the game, or the instructors who are more focused on filling classes than building competent and capable students.

Instructor Zero, a well known international firearms instructor, put it best:

“A large part of the blame also comes from the instructors side, from what should be professionals and as such should also have a professional ethic, who keep selling what people ask of them, what attracts the most, instead of selling them what they really need, transforming the civilian market of firearms training into a large ‘tactical amusement park’”.

Properly structured and developed Firearms training is critical, given all that is at stake. It requires attention to detail into the actual process of learning, and not just in the content of the drills. Without a carefully constructed learning process, all we do is build confidence without capability, a trend too often seen in the training world of today.

Femme Fatale ARMS & Training has a carefully prescribed and systematic curriculum that takes into account physical, psychological, and biomechanical considerations, designed to build a solid foundation followed by progressive skill sets enabling students to peform effectively. From Basic Firearms Use and Safety through to our Protective Tactics classes…we can get you where you need to be.

Femme Fatale ARMS & Training
 is a woman-owned business that provides education and support to an over victimized and underserved segment of our population.  We have programs to build confidence and skill without the intimidating aspects that tend to exist elsewhere in this industry. Our goal is customer satisfaction and loyalty.  We’d appreciate an opportunity to show you how we are different, yet still, help you to accomplish your education and safety goals.

Amyone can shoot a gun, we train you to defend yourself!

Femme Fatale Arms & Training is located at 160 Malabar Road, Palm Bay, Fl. We are open Mon-Wed 10 to 5, Thurs and Fri10 to 6, and Saturday 12 to 4




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