Stay at Home Orders (Lock-Downs) Don’t Always End Well

History has taught us that Stay-At-Home orders and Lockdowns seldom end well.

Written by Richard Dockery, April 3, 2020

– Why is it that stay at Home Orders (Lock-Downs) are being opposed?

As of midnight, The Governor of Florida has placed the state in a lockdown, much like many around the country. Some see this as a good thing while others are getting more upset. While the reported reasoning is to reduce the spread of COVID-19, a positive reason, it is the the fact that a government is restricting the movement of its people that is causing the stir.

Our country is founded on individual freedoms, and on a principle that the government serves the people…not controls the people. History has taught us that whenever a government begins controlling the actions of its people, that control will grow, and will result in an abuse of power, a limiting of rights, and a movement that can grow out of control.

I have a collection…some think a strange collection…that includes memorabilia from the worst parts of history. I keep it as a reminder of what humanity is capable of, and why we need to always be on guard to avoid history coming alive and walking us down the same roads. In my collection I have a set of working papers from Europe dating back to the 1930’s and 1940’s. (See main image on article). These papers were used at checkpoints to enable approved individuals to move about in their country for the purpose of going to work. Without the papers you weren’t going anywhere, and would face arrest…or worse. These were issued by a government that was voted into power, and which steadily increased its control of the people. It didn’t end well.

This morning I am reading that a local supermarket is issuing its employees papers. These papers identify them as essential workers so that when they are stopped by law enforcement, they are permitted to proceed to work. Currently the protocol appears to be a warning, with repeat offenses ending in a potential arrest….for now. We are to travel only for essential services. We have also banned people from entering our county for tourism purposes. We have a local politician telling people to watch for out of state license plates and to report them to law enforcement. We have states setting up checkpoints at their borders and turning people back.

Are these measures “for the greater good”? …They are intended to be. Do these measures set us up for abuse of power and control? …Absolutely!

Benjamin Franklin once said “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty or safety”. Our founding fathers understood the dynamics of government and the tendencies of humanity, and created a government Of the People, not Over the people …for a reason.

Stay safe, but more importantly, guard your freedom and look critically on those who are willing to give up Your liberty for Your safety. As history has taught us, this seldom ends well.


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