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Can I Carry My Gun During a State of Emergency

Can I carry my gun during a state of emergency in Florida even if I don’t have a Concealed Weapons Permit?
Can I Carry My Gun During a State of Emergency

Can I Carry My Gun During a State of Emergency written by Richard Dockery

Can I carry my gun during a state of emergency in Florida even if I don’t have a Concealed Weapons Permit?  This is a question many people are asking, and too many people are answering incorrectly.  

For some reason, the internet, and especially Facebook, is suddenly populated with self-proclaimed experts on firearms and firearms laws.  To make matters worse, there are many taking the “expert advice” at face value, opening themselves up to bad decisions and life impacting consequences.  No matter how long someone has been shooting, or whether or not they have been in the military, or even worked in Law enforcement, it is in your best interest to check the facts personally.  Laws change frequently and years of firearms use does not make for a legal expert or even a firearms expert for that matter. Always check the facts.

If you carry your firearm illegally because of the advice you heard or read from someone who got it wrong, you are still carrying your firearm illegally!

I am not going to give you the answer to the question like I see a lot of other gun dealers, trainers, and “experts” doing, as I have yet to see them get it right lately.  I am instead going to provide you links that explain what you can and cannot do, without my interpretation.  


790.01 (a)

“a) A person who carries a concealed weapon, or a person who may lawfully possess a firearm and who carries a concealed firearm, on or about his or her person while in the act of evacuating during a mandatory evacuation order issued during a state of emergency declared by the Governor pursuant to chapter 252 or declared by a local authority pursuant to chapter 870. As used in this subsection, the term “in the act of evacuating” means the immediate and urgent movement of a person away from the evacuation zone within 48 hours after a mandatory evacuation is ordered. The 48 hours may be extended by an order issued by the Governor.”

… And remember, someone who speaks with authority about something that they don’t really know is likely to do it on a regular basis.  Be careful who you listen to.

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