It is just over a week since the horrible attack on innocent concert goers in Las Vegas.  We want someone to blame, someone to focus our outrage on, the shooter took that from us when he killed himself.  So many people including myself ask… “why did he do this”.  I heard someone today say it’s not his motive that’s important, it’s his intent.  He entered that hotel room with his firearms with the intention of killing humans.  To me it doesn’t matter why, they didn’t deserve it, no one deserved to die at the concert that evening.  But he intended on making his mark that night.  He was responsible for the killing of the most innocent Americans as they enjoyed an evening of music, he raised the bar – The Boston Marathon Bomber took 3 lives – and I truly believe there would have been more if there weren’t so many medical professionals participating in the race who were able to administer life saving treatment instantly, right in the streets.  The Pulse Night Club Shooting 49 people lost their lives.  This newest attacker killed 58 people.  It hurts me to say that this won’t be the last.   How can we rationalize someone’s irrational behavior.  We can’t.  How can we protect ourselves and loved ones from another human whose intent is to kill.  We can be prepared.  We can’t stop a bomb blast, bullets or a speeding car. But we CAN be prepared to assist the persons who are injured and possibly prevent the death toll from climbing.  How can I be prepared, you ask?  You don’t have to be a badass to save a life.  Many of the people injured in the attacks I mentioned died from massive hemmorage, blood loss.  If people at the scene knew what to do to stop the bleeding perhaps the killer would have been cheated out of taking just one life.  That one life could be your loved one or friend.  Lets educate ourselves and put more people in the population who can save a life.  I’d like to see if you are interested in a great training program right here in Brevard County called “Stop the Bleed”.   Learn how to properly use a tourniquet and carry one with you all the time.  Keep one in your purse, your car, your desk, and know how to  “Stop the Bleed”.  Then most importantly, ACT.  You can’t prevent the attack, but you may be able to prevent just one life lost.  Get involved, take action and save a life.  That’s one less life the killer can take.

I can arrange for a “Stop the Bleed” training class.  If you are interested in taking it please contact me at





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