One of the most important aspects of learning to effectively handle a firearm is Consistency. Consistency in training, approach, practice, and methodology. Without this consistency progress will he slow, technique will be sloppy, and effectiveness will be limited.

Too often a new shooter will take a class and head down a path of shooter development with a trainer, only to stray away from what they learn the very first time they go to the range to practice. The primary reason for this straying is not their forgetting, but instead the advice of other people.

Often when a new shooter starts practicing at the range, especially a female shooter, they receive unsolicited help. Help from others on the line, from the safety officers, from other instructors, and from anyone who recognizes they are new. Some of this is well intentioned, some of it is in an effort to acquire a new student, and some of it …way too much of it…is to feed the helpers ego. The end result? A student who is unsure of which technique they should use, unsure of what they should be working on, and a hindered muscle memory development. If the student is unable to train, regroup and recognize the distracting advice, they will not progress with any efficieny.

Developing a solid skillset requires the building of skills in a prescribed order, solidifying one capability which happens to be a prerequisite of the next capability. Develope the foundation and grow it based on biomechanics, psychological readiness, and physical development. Following a prescribed plan will result in a student learning fast, safe, and effectively. When the student starts listening to “range advice”, or “youtube advice”, it creates chaos….even if the advice is based on sound methodology, but not appropriate for the developmental stage of the student.

If you are making a soup, and you get it started then run to the store…and someone else comes in and says “hey, this would be great if we added this!”…then they run to the bathroom and a third walks in and says “hey, i like this in my soup, I am going to add it”…..then you come home and pick up where you left off, then you may end up with something you need to pour out and start over.

If you are a student: pick an instructor and stay the course until you master some skills. Once you get a foundation, either continue with that instructor or explore others, taking only what you need to fill holes or enhance your foundation.

If you are an instructor: Dont interfere with a students development process by introducing skills when you dont know there current state of development and havent been working with them. Integrity in the firearms industry is sorely lacking…dont be a part of the problem.

If you are a random person on the range: Dont offer unsolicited help if someone is working with a trainer, particularly if they are doing something different than you and you decide you would like to see them do the same to reinforce what you hope is proper. Watch what they are doing and seek out training…maybe they are onto something you should be doing instead.

Femme Fatale ARMS & Training has a carefully prescribed and systematic curriculum that takes into account physical, psychological, and biomechanical considerations, designed to build a solid foundation followed by progressive skill sets enabling students to peform effectively. From Basic Firearms Use and Safety through to our Protective Tactics classes…we can get you where you need to be.

Femme Fatale ARMS & Training
 is a woman-owned business that provides education and support to an over victimized and underserved segment of our population.  We have programs to build confidence and skill without the intimidating aspects that tend to exist elsewhere in this industry. Our goal is customer satisfaction and loyalty.  We’d appreciate an opportunity to show you how we are different, yet still, help you to accomplish your education and safety goals.

Anyone can shoot a gun, we train you to defend yourself!

Femme Fatale Arms & Training is located at 160 Malabar Road, Palm Bay, Fl. We are open Mon-Wed 10 to 5, Thurs and Fri10 to 6, and Saturday 12 to 4



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