The Knife In A Gunfight

People like to use the old saying “dont bring a knife to a gunfight” way too often. What they dont understand is a knife, or any sharp object, can be a formidable weapon regardless of what you carry for self defense.

There are more than 88,000 knife attacks in the United States each year. Knives, and other sharp objects not included in the statistic, are very common, inexpensive, and deadly. Overconfidence in ones ability to survive a confrontation with a knife weilding attacker is typically the result of a limited understanding of how violent attacks occurr.

A few points to consider:

– a knife attack will happen at close distance with little to no warning. Your attacker will likely be watching you, and analyzing you from a predator’s standpoint long before the attack, and long before you realize you are in danger.

– a knife wound can severly injure you, or take your life in a few seconds. Even a small knife can cut deep enough to cause severe bleeding that can end your life or cause irreparable damage quickly.

– you will likely not have the ability or time to deploy your weapon unless you have trained and practiced and can manage your weapon 1 handed. The Tueller rule from the 1980’s tells us that the average adult mail can run 21 feet in 1.5 seconds. This is he average amount of time a trained police officer can draw and fire his/her weapon. Your attacker with a knife can be on you from 21 feet before you can draw and fire your gun.

– if your weapon isnt already chambered and ready to go, you will not survive the confrontation…there is no valid debate here. Chances are your weak hand will be fighting for your life while your strong hand is attempting to draw your weapon while under attack. You wont have the luxury or time to draw and chamber your weapon. Your gun is designed to be carried chambered…there is no other realistic option.

– it doesnt have to be a knife…it can be a screwdriver, a file, or even a sharp stick. Yes, you can carry a gun and still be killed by an attacker with a sharp stick! Any sharp object can cause sufficient bleeding to end your life quickly.

So what do you need to do to survive a knife attack?

– Practice situational awareness…be aware of anyone close to you, and by close I mean within about 30 feet. The old 21 foot rule has been updated to as much as 36 feet. Take notice of whether or not they are taking notice of you. Never go around oblivious of your surroundings. Put your phone away and notice the world around you.

– If someone gives you the creeps, take it seriously. We have millions of years of survival instinct built up in us that we often refuse to recognize, your subconcious mind is smarter than your conscious one…listen to it. There will often be threat indicators you either ignore, blow off, or don’t understand on a concious level that our mind has tuned into unconciously. Trust your instinct and put space between you and a potential threat.

– Train, practice, and carry your firearm…ALWAYS! You don’t get to choose the time and place of an attack…your attacker does and he wont give you a warning or act when you seem aware. Train and prepare for close attacks that come from nowhere. The more you exercise your situational awareness, the less the chance of having to use your firearms skills.

Remember, you typically only get 1 chance to save your life…make sure you are ready when it comes.

Femme Fatale ARMS & Training
 is a woman-owned business that provides education and support to an over victimized and underserved segment of our population.  We have programs to build confidence and skill without the intimidating aspects that tend to exist elsewhere in this industry. Our goal is customer satisfaction and loyalty.  We’d appreciate an opportunity to show you how we are different, yet still, help you to accomplish your education and safety goals.

Anyone can shoot a gun, we train you to defend yourself!

Femme Fatale Arms & Training is located at 160 Malabar Road, Palm Bay, Fl. We are open Mon-Wed 10 to 5, Thurs and Fri10 to 6, and Saturday 12 to 4



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