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Often time we get questions on reloads. Reloads are basically remanufactured ammunition that is done at home. Shooters and hobbyists will sometimes collect the brass casings, purchase ammunition components (powders, primers, bullets) and assemble them at home. The goal is typically to reduce cost or to increase performance. The end result can be that…if the hobbyist is extremely detail oriented and meticulous, and understands the dangers…but, sometimes the result is not as expected, and dangerous, even life threatening situations occur.

So what are the potential problems you can face if you shoot reloads from your gun?

If the hobbyists puts so much as a few additional grains of powder into a casing the additional pressure can cause the gun to literally blow-up.

Another potential hazard is too little powder…and I have seen some with non at all. What can happen with this is called a Squib Load, where the bullet fails,to leave the barrel, and causes an obstruction. If another attempt is made to fire the gun the result can be the same.

Other factors that can cause pressure issues in include too heavy a crimp on a full pressure load or too heavy a bullet for the powder load used.

If you are lucky enough not to have a catastrophic failure where you could be hospitalized or worse, you could still damage your firearm. Damage to your firearm could be broken parts internally, or externally, that will cause your firearm not to function properly, or at all. If you check your Owners manual you will also learn that once you have used reloads, your manufacturer warranty is no longer valid.

Reloads come with a risk, and the risk is significant. Be sure you decide wisely in your choice of ammunition.



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