A Groundbreaking Victory For The Rights of Americans

In a time when Americans have found themselves in a position where their rights are continuously being degraded, we finally have a decision from the highest court in the land in support of the people, and in support of the Constitution as written!

If you have never read the Constitution, you need to. This is a foundational document that defines our country…and a document that is rarely ever taught in school! Is this by design?…maybe. It is harder to take away rights once people know what they are. Ignorance is an open door to abuse.

One of the inherent rights of human beings is the right to self defense. A right recognized by the Constitution, and deliberately identified in very simple terms by our founding fathers, with virtually no restriction. If you look at other writings by our founding fathers on the same subject, it becomes apparent that the lack of restriction and the simplicity of the wording is by design. Despite this, both the federal government, as well as states that suspiciously align to a particlular political party, have continuoulsy added restrictions to our clearly defined rights.

We need to ask ourselves why the rights of law abiding citizens to defend themselves would be restricted. Evil is an unregulated commodity that does not recognize restriction or the rule of law. Laws restricting law abiding citizens from obtaining any means of self defense have no impact on those we would need to defend ourselves from. Regardless of the reason (a discussion for another day), the rights of Americans to defend themselves has finally been reaffirmed by the Supreme Court in a landmark ruling, calling out the Constitutional right of the people to defend themselves outside of their home, adding to a previois ruling declaring the same for inside our home. Anywhere we happen to be, we have a Constitutionally protected inherent right to self defense!

So where is the issue? The issue lies in state laws that currently give legislators the ability to determine who can and cannot exercise their rights. Laws that require law abiding citizens to receive permission, and to carry their permission card on them when exercising their rights. Laws that state that you cannot exercise your right unless you prove to a governing body that you have a specific need beyond the desire to defend you life!…beyond the standard defined by our founding fathers!

22 states currently practice Constitutional Carry, which means that if you are a law abiding citizen, you have the right to carry a firearm for self defense. Incidently, these are also states that experience the lowest level of crime! Which states have the highest levels of crime?..the states with the largest number of restrictions on our Constitutionally recognized rights!

This ruling that was released yesterday will only have impact if people act now to move their state laws into alignment with the Constitution, and with the decision of the the Supreme Court. Any unconstitutional law can only be removed if challenged, and now we have what is needed to effectively push back. What laws are unconstitutional?….any law restricting a law abiding citizen from carrying a firearm for self defense either at home or away.

Floridians…Constituional carry is supported by your Governor!…but….your elected officials have decided that you cannot exercise your rights. They recently blocked constituional carry. Why? Anti-gun political organizations such as Moms Demand Action and Everytown USA donating to political campaigns and constantly harassing our representatives to vote along their lines and against your rights to self defense!

Every voice counts in our fight for our rights. It takes many drops to fill an ocean, but without everyones participation, we will never get beyond a puddle that will be stomped in by the over-reaching boot of the politically driven who refuse to represent those who put them in office. Contact your elected officials now…and repeatedly. Challenge the restrictions on your rights, and push your representatives to actually represent your rights. The supreme court now has our backs. Also support groups such as “Gun Owners of America” who are helping us fight this fight.

To find out how to find and contact your legislators, go to the following link and enter your address. Follow “Florida 2A” as well as “Gun Owners of America” on facebook for updates.


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