About Us

“OUR VISION is to create a country filled with empowered women.”

“OUR MISSION is to Inspire, Educate and Empower Women to take Control of their own Safety.”

The Founder

Maria Dockery is a trail,blazer, business woman, and entrepreneur who founded Femme Fatale ARMS & Training to educate, train, and empower women.

She has fought the male dominated gun culture, reinventing the firearms instruction and ownership model to be unique to the needs of women despite much resistance and multiple roadblocks.
Maria is driven to share her knowledge with other women and holds multiple training credentials to include NRA Certified Instructor in many areas; Refuse to Be a Victim, Personal Protection Inside the Home (firearm), and Chief Range Safety Officer. She also holds Certifications as Situational Awareness Specialist and as an Instructor in the Use of Pepper Spray and has taken numerous courses by instructors who are law enforcement trainers for the State Police as well as Private Military and Security.


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VP and Training Program Development

Richard Dockery -Vice President and Training Program Development

Richard Dockery is our lead instructor and oversees our training curriculum. Richard served our country as an Army MP during the first Gulf War and continues to build his knowledge through extensive research and attending various “train the trainer” firearm skills classes taught by nationally reputed, top of the line, military instructors. All the tactics we teach our students are research and experience based techniques taught by combat veterans who survived numerous firefights. (Yes ladies, you will learn badass techniques without realizing it!)

Served as the CIO for the New Hampshire Community Technical College system, Senior Consultant for the largest Higher Education software provider in the Country, and Senior Director for the largest for-profit Global Higher Education company, leading projects throughout South America, Europe, and Australia.

I seek out and learn from from the most proven military and law enforcement veterans who have honed their skills under fire. I am a continuous learner and a constant researcher with a passion for teaching. I combine past experiences, knowledge, and skills to bring forward the most comprehensive, effective, and practical methods and techniques to our students.


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Richard Dockery - Vice President and Training Program Development.

Glock Factory Advanced Armorer, Sig Sauer Certified Armorer, 1911 Certified Armorer

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