What is the REAL Gun Sale Loophole?

There is a gun sale loophole, but it’s not what you think it is, and it has nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment

Written by Richard Dockery, March 18, 2020

What is the real gun sale loophole? It is Not the gun shows like the anti gun community likes to claim. Gun shows involve gun dealers, which means background checks. The loophole is also Not internet sales. It is necessary for all firearms purchased on the Internet to be shipped to a federally licensed dealer. The buyer goes through a background check when picking up the firearm just like with any legal purchase. So where is the loophole?

The biggest loophole in firearms purchases is not one that is protected by the 2nd Amendment. This is a loophole that when closed, will not stomp on the rights of American citizens. The loophole I am referring to is the hunting license loophole that enables non citizens to purchase firearms while in the country on work or student visas.

How does it work? With the right combination of Visa/green card/etc. and a hunting license, a non citizen can purchase a firearm. What about the background check? Yes, there is one, in the National database…”National”. Does that mean they did not commit crimes in their home country?…not at all. Does it mean they won’t pass the background check if their Visa has expired?…not at all. A 60 year old American citizen who committed a crime at age 17 and nothing since will get denied, while a foreign worker who may have a criminal background but who sat through a hunter safety course can end up legally capable of purchasing a firearm.

The next time your politicians start talking about online and gun show loopholes, ask them about the non citizen hunting license loophole and see what they say. I’ll bet they never heard of it, even while passing uninformed legislation to further limit your rights. We are living in a time where Non citizens are arbitrarily granted your rights, while you are systematically losing them day by day.

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