What Gun Should I Buy?

This is the most common question asked by Gun buyers, and one where there are far too many articles written and opinions given…so why not another, only from the perspective of someone who has helped a significantly large number of people purchase and train with their firearms successfully.

When you shop for your first firearm, you are going to get a lot of input from people…before, during, and after the purchase. This can be overwhelming and confusing, and result in you backing out of buying, or buying something that doesn’t work for You. Here is some advice.

The gun you should buy is the one that fits YOU! One you can handle, that feels right, that you can work as designed, and that has the power to actually stop someone who is trying to do you harm. Not the gun you brother-in-law, friend, husband, or spouse’s friend recommends, regardless of how good their intentions are….and definitely not one someone behind the counter or at the Gun Show that declares “this is the gun for you!” They may have good intentions, or they maybe trying to create consensus for their own poor decisions, or if a salesman, may be trying to move old stock that won’t sell.

So how do you figure out which is the right gun for you if you have no experience with guns? The key is hands on with training. Handle several firearms, see how they feel, take a class, get some training, then decide for You!

…and most important…once you decide, stick with your decision and train more, practice more, and develop your skills. Do not fall into the trap of regretting your purchase after you followed all the right steps to determine what works for you, just because your neighbor, friend, etc. tells you that you should have bought something else. You did it right!

At Femme Fatale ARMS & Training we help you find the right gun for You!…we train you to be effective, educate you on what you need to know, and help you become safe and efficient. It is not up to us to tell you what works, it is up to us to educate you, so you know what works for YOU!

Femme Fatale ARMS & Training is a woman-owned business that provides education and support to an over-victimized and underserved segment of our population.  We have programs to build confidence and skill without the intimidating aspects that tend to exist elsewhere in this industry.  Our goal is customer satisfaction and loyalty.  We’d appreciate an opportunity to show you how we are different, yet still, help you to accomplish your education and safety goals.

Femme Fatale Arms & Training is located at 4270 Minton Rd #107 in

West Melbourne, Florida 32904 ????We are open Mon-Sat 11 AM to 6 PM

Call us with questions at (321) 327-3790 or visit FemmeFataleArms.com for more info today.



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