I love speaking at women’s groups.  There are always so many questions that they are intimidated to ask anywhere except among their friends.  So when the Republican Women’s Network of South Brevard asked me to speak to their group I happily accepted. I was seated at the table with the president of the club Teresa Fleenor and other very friendly ladies.  Seated across from me was a lady who told me she was very happy to learn she would be in town when I was scheduled to speak to the club.  She said she knew her daughter would be interested in what I had to say as well, so she invited her to join the meeting.  The three of us had a very nice conversation before and after I spoke to the group.  It was only at the end of the activities that I learned the the lady was Katie Posey and her Daughter Pam.  Congressman Bill Posey’s wife and daughter.  What an honor it was to have the opportunity to share my message of independence and support to such wonderful women.   I love what I’m doing!20171019_212732-02



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