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The Mindset of an Attacker

Understanding the mindset of a violent attacker may not be necessary, but what is necessary is acknowledging that it is a mind that we will never be able to relate to, but one we must be trained to deal with.

Written by Richard Dockery. August 18, 2020

Bryan Lewis Saunders is a brilliant artist. Bryan painted self portraits after consuming various narcotics, and showed us how a person’s perspective changes, based upon what they have taken. These perspectives range from sad and subdued to violent and out-of-control. Although it wasn’t his goal, these paintings provide amazing insight from a self defense perspective as well.

It is always important to have a plan for if/when you are attacked, or for when someone breaks into your home. Part of having that plan is anticipating or predicting just what an attacker may do, as well as how they may react to what you do. The problem is if you are reading this article, you are likely a rational human being who thinks with a rational mindset. Anticipating the actions of someone violent and irrational is not within our tool-kit.

As a result of this gap in perspective between rational and drugged/irrational, we often underestimate what it will take to stop a violent attack.

I often hear the following:

-I’ll get a laser and put the dot on their chest…that will scare them away

-I’ll rack my shotgun and that will scare them.

-All I need to do is yell “I have a gun!”

-I’m good with words, I can talk my way out of anything

-I have a .22….it doesn’t have to be more, I wouldn’t want to get shot with it

The problem is, all of these “solutions” rely on creating fear in the mind of the attacker. A mind that may actually be incapable of experiencing fear, or any emotion other than violence and rage. When we see cases of people on Bath Salts not only killing someone in public, but doing so while naked then actually consuming their face, we are not dealing with someone you will be able to scare with a laser pointer.

Review these pictures by clicking on the following link. Look at how the perspective changes. Feel the picture as if it were someone standing in your living room at 2:00am, or coming from behind a dumpster as you are pumping gas in your car. Then think about what it would take to stop someone with this view of the world.

For the average person, the only way you will ever be able to stop someone under these circumstances is with the effective, trained, and practiced use of a defensive firearm. At Femme Fatale ARMS & Training we teach you the effective use of a firearm, and help you select one you are not only capable of using, but which will stop someone with violent intentions.

Understanding the mindset of a violent attacker may not be necessary, but what is necessary is acknowledging that it is a mind that we will never be able to relate to, but one we must be trained to deal with.

Here is the link:


Femme Fatale ARMS & Training is a woman-owned business that provides education and support to an over victimized and underserved segment of our population.  We have programs to build confidence and skill without the intimidating aspects that tend to exist elsewhere in this industry.  Our goal is customer satisfaction and loyalty.  We’d appreciate an opportunity to show you how we are different, yet still, help you to accomplish your education and safety goals.

Femme Fatale Arms & Training is located at 4270 Minton Rd #107 in

West Melbourne, Florida 32904 🎗We are open Mon-Sat 11 AM to 6 PM

Call us with questions at (321) 327-3790 or visit FemmeFataleArms.com for more info today.



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