Taking Back the 2nd Ammendment

We need to be taking back the 2nd Amendment…not defending it.

We are constantly being faced with new legislation that further restricts the rights of law abiding citizens…rights as defined by the Constitution. We are constantly on the defensive not to lose more of what is ours than we have already lost.

Why are we on the defensive against more attacks…and not aggressively trying to restore what was taken in the last attacks?

“Shall Not Be Infringed” is a very strong statement, and a very simple and clear statement. Our rights have already been infringed upon yet we seem happy just to not lose more, or to stop yet another unjust step.

When are we going to see legislation to overturn the already unconstitutional legislation that has taken hold?

Politicians talk about being Pro 2nd Amendment based on their fights against attacks, but never issue an attack themselves against already unjust restrictions.

If we don’t start taking back what we lost…what was and is ours from the beginning…then we have no place to go but down…one step at a time.

The 2nd Amendment is dying a death by a thousand bites. We need to start pushing our representatives for legislation to restore our rights and put the enemies of this freedom on the defensive.



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