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  • Answer the Trivia question correctly to receive that discount.  

  • YES, Correct answer discounts can be combined on a single purchase!

  • Quantities and Models are limited.  G19 and G17 GEN5. (reg price $629.99)

  • Must come in to store with correct answers to claim discount, and purchase.  

  • Must be able to legally purchase a firearm. 

  • Not eligible for layaway.

  • This event may end without notice, act fast to get your BIG discounts!

Question #1


The man who founded the GLOCK firearms was born in Vienna, Austria on July 19, 1929.


- Give us where and when he died. 

Must have city, month/year.

Answer Correctly

and get 



The GLOCK firearm made it's Pop Culture debut in 1990 in a TV Show as well as a major action film that has become a cult classic.  


- Name both the TV Show and the Movie.

Answer Correctly

and get


Question #2


The GLOCK frame material has always been a source of curiosity.  The fact is that the base material is actually used in many products worldwide, to include the Soviet Union.  


What is this material called in Russia? 

Answer Correctly 

and get


Question #3