HEY, I can do that!

Have you seen those videos of women shooting a rifle, more commonly it's a shotgun. I get it, nobody wants to be her. Either the shotgun flies out of her hands or she is knocked to the ground with her friends standing around her, usually male laughing at her.   Here’s the truth…it’s nothing like that.  The truth is, when used correctly, the AR-15 is fun and easy to shoot.  We regularly have classes of women, ages 30 and up, learning to shoot AR rifles and pistols without any issues.  In fact, they enjoy it.  It’s up to you to reject the false information that is spewed from the media, and to experience the truth for yourself.  Just watch the video below of women who are shooting an AR15 for the first time... and instead of being fearful or intimidated, you’ll be saying “Hey, I can do that!”  Our next AR-15 Defense Rifle Experience class is Coming soon!

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