Colt Python
Built in 1981 considered the peak of revolver design. Extremely accurate and featured in The Walking Dead tv series. $2000.00
Colt 1911  MK IV series 70
Unique limited production brushed nickel factory finish. Finger collet bushing for accuracy. Excellent functioning condition. $800.00
1903 Colt
Manufactured in 1923. Historically issued to US Generals. (fun fact) Al Capone had one of these Colt's on him when he was captured. Own a very popular, reliable piece of history. $799.00
50th Anniversary 27-3 Commerative Smith & Wesson
Complete with certificate, this beautiful gold embossed .357 magnum. This firearm was issued in 1985 in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first S&W .357 magnum revolver. $1549.00
Army M1917 S&W
Built by S&W in 1918 this revolver was issued to be used by the US Army in WWI. $800.00
UZI 9mm semi
S&W Model 25-5 '1955'
Known for it's accuracy, this .45 ACP with moon clips is a great firearm to add to your collection. $1400.00
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