Form and Accuracy Class

Form and Accuracy Class

This class is great for new and experienced shooters who want to build a solid foundation for all future shooting.

Let’s begin working on making those bullets land on the target where you want them to.  

This class will establish good shooting habits or fix some “not so good” habits. Our experienced instructors can recognize and correct small issues with your form to make you a much more accurate shooter.  

  • Do you want to improve your ability to hit your target safely and accurately?

Handgun 110; Form and Accuracy will help you refine your form and build the necessary muscle memory to be consistent and accurate.  

During this class, you will receive a semi-private lesson with our instructors as they guide, advise, and adjust your shooting to increase your skill.

Semi private lesson that builds your shooting skills and firearm confidence.

The focus of this course is on reinforcing your shooting form and to build the necessary muscle memory for consistent and accurate shooting. We will work slowly and deliberately to ensure proper form is developed and maintained. We will also make all necessary adjustments to increase your accuracy and proficiency. This course will build your confidence in your ability to handle your firearm and develop a solid foundation for all shooting and training to follow

Testimonials From Clients

“Femme Fatale Arms and Training is a family owned store that believes in supporting our customers and our community. We offer a unique perspective on the firearm purchase and instruction process, which is very well received by our female and male clientele. We offer firearm safety classes from first time user all the way through intermediate and advanced tactical training.