Transfering a Firearm?

What is a firearm transfer, and when is it necessary?

Federal Law prohibits the sale of firearms from one state to another state without a Federal Firearm License.  

When you purchase a firearm from an online seller who is not in your home state, federal law requires you to have the firearm shipped to a Federal Firearm Licensee (FFL)

How it works;

The seller's checkout process will ask if you have an FFL you want to use for the transfer.  Sometimes they have a list to select from to make the process easier for you.  If you don't find your favorite gun store... ahem...  on their list, ask how you can use your "own" gun store for the transfer.  This process usually involves an email request for a FFL license number exchange between the two businesses.  They check the validity of the license and the firearm is shipped.  Generally speaking you will receive a tracking number from the seller that will notify you when the firearm arrives at your favorite gun store.  We understand that you are very excited when you receive that delivery confirmation from the shipper but, we ask that you give us an hour to check in your firearm before you arrive to pick it up. 

When you pick-up your firearm expect to complete a form 4473 Federal purchase document. The background check is initiated upon completion of this form.  Often Floridians confuse this form with "registering" the firearm in their name.  This is not the case, the form is for the FFL's records to ensure the person is not prohibited from owning a firearm before the transfer is completed.  Receipt of a response on a national background check is usually 5-10 minutes.  

Once the background check has been completed and an Approval given to the FFL, you will be charged a transfer fee and sent happily on your way with your new firearm.