New Gun Owner – Basic Firearms Use and Safety

Basic Firearm Use and Safety - New Gun Owner Class

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  • Do you need your Concealed Weapons License?
  • Do you have your license but are not comfortable carrying and using your gun?
  • Are you ready to renew your license but feel you need a refresher class?

Handgun 100

Our goal is to provide a relaxed, educational atmosphere and develop critical knowledge for the responsible gun owner.

We provide a firearm and ammunition. Be sure to visit the store before class to learn about the guns we bring to class.

There are many firearms classes, but here is what makes ours stand apart.

-Emphasis on the unique needs of our female student

-Live fire on an outdoor shooting range

-Opportunity to try multiple handguns and find one that fits you! (be sure to stop by the store before class to find your favorites)

-Work one-on-one with an instructor who is focused on teaching you how to safely handle a gun.

-Focus on safety, education and empowerment

-nonjudgmental and supportive!

Many happy students, check our google reviews!

If you are new to shooting or already have your concealed carry license, this class will help build your knowledge and confidence.

You will need to bring your own hearing and eye protection as well as a hat with a brim.  Shorts and short sleeves are permitted, but NO sandals or open toe shoes. 

 Water and a positive attitude will help!

Testimonials From Clients

“Femme Fatale Arms and Training is a family owned store that believes in supporting our customers and our community. We offer a unique perspective on the firearm purchase and instruction process, which is very well received by our female and male clientele. We offer firearm safety classes from first time user all the way through intermediate and advanced tactical training.