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New Gun Owner – Basic Firearms Use and Safety

New Gun Owner - Basic Firearms use and Safety

Improving Accuracy and Handling Class

  • Do you need your Concealed Weapons License?
  • Do you have your license but are not comfortable carrying and using your gun?
  • Are you ready to renew your license but feel you need a refresher class?

This class is ideal for the new shooter who has made the decision to learn to shoot a firearm and qualify for a Concealed Carry License in the state of Florida.  Many of our students already have their concealed carry license but feel as though they still do not know enough to feel comfortable with their firearm.   Usually they attended an inexpensive and many times expedited “training” class that was recommended by “the guys”, only to find themselves not knowing enough to feel confident carrying or shooting a gun.  These classes that take place in venues like gun shows or hotel rooms are most often missing the actual firing of a real firearm using real bullets!  Laser guns and or firearms with wax bullets pre-loaded for the student are often the only experience that the student receives firing a “gun”. We believe there is no substitute for the experience.  We provide a selection of firearms for our student to shoot, outside, with an instructor experienced in training persons who are new to handling a firearm.

We will educate you on everything a responsible firearm owner needs to know…and will answer all of your questions!  Nobody is born knowing how to use a gun, and we understand that.  When you finish you class you will have a private 1 on 1 lesson with one of our experienced instructors on the range with a real firearm to insure you can handle your gun safely, properly, and effectively.

Femme Fatale ARMS & Training is the leading place to go in East Central Florida to obtain your carry permit!  We provide the training and instruction you need to effectively and legally carry your firearms, and to obtain your permit.

Femme Fatale Classes are small, unintimidating, and work at your pace.

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Testimonials From Clients

“Femme Fatale Arms and Training is a family owned store that believes in supporting our customers and our community. We offer a unique perspective on the firearm purchase and instruction process, which is very well received by our female and male clientele. We offer firearm safety classes from first time user all the way through intermediate and advanced tactical training.