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All our firearm training classes use an outdoor range and real firearms/ammunition.  

Students will be closely supervised by our Instructors/Range Safety Officers.  

Students who have completed our "Form and Accuracy" class are invited to attend the other classes.  

We have adopted this policy to ensure a minimum of Safe gun handling experience among all participants. 

We are no longer using the Classroom in our store.

In order to allow for a minimum of 6' for social distancing we are using an offsite classroom located in the Holiday Inn Express & Suites on1206 Malabar Road SE, Palm Bay, FL.  

*Items you will need on the range: Shoes that cover your toes (no sandals) Hat, safety glasses and hearing protection.  All items are available for sale at the class -  We suggest water, sunblock and a sense of humor. 

"I was there yesterday. If anyone is on the fence or nervous, I highly recommend this class! The instructor was outstanding and it was so much fun. My boyfriend and I are both new to shooting; we learned a lot and had a great time!  

For what you're getting from this class, the ticket price is so reasonable. We were stunned by how much we got from this class for such a low price. 

Do it; you won't regret it! 🙂"

Heidi K.

Upon completion of your First Shots class you will receive a Certificate for $25 off any of our classes.  Use the code you were given in class to access this 5 min. survey and claim your


 - Ideal class for beginners

This nationally recognized curriculum is led by our own Femme Fatale Arms instructors and is ideal for those who want/need a soft introduction to firearm use.

$40.00 - Class Fee includes the Firearm Use, Ammunition, Hearing and Eye Protection.  


If you are hesitant about learning to shoot and just want a short and simple class with a professional instructor and a small .22 caliber pistol and rifle this is the perfect class for you. This program is designed as a "soft introduction" into firearms for Adults and Children.


  • Our classes will be led by Femme Fatale ARMS' Certified Firearm Instructors.

  • We will have classroom instruction and discussion on what you need to know to always Safely Handle a Firearm. 

  • You will be treated in a respectful manner and encouraged to ask questions.

  • We will discuss the local requirements for owning and purchasing a firearm. 

  • Classes will be held to the same standards that earned Femme Fatale ARMS' our reputation.



Is this a handgun or rifle class?

Both!  Check the class description when you register for more details.


How long is this class?

Classroom and Range instruction is expected to last approximately 90 minutes.


Can men attend this class?



I'd like to have my children learn about firearm safety, can they attend this class?  

We hope to offer classes for children in safe firearm use and handling in the future.  Please check back or inquire in the store.

- Suitable for beginner and intermediate.

  Basic Firearm Use & Safety includes certificate for CCW 

I just finished taking the "Basic Firearm Use & Safety Training" in Palm Bay. The training was approximately 3.5 hours which includes detailed class instructions and outdoors range time with a weapon. 
Loved the personal one on one training at the range. I have attended training in another state and there was no one on one range training..... that was not the case with Femme Fatale Arms & Training, Rich was very informative and encouraging - explaining what you did right and how you can do it differently or what you did incorrectly. 
If you are looking to have your Carry/Conceal license, this is the place to go for training."

Jeannie B


"I had the great opportunity to take the Beginner Safety gun course ...The class was incredible. Not only are these ladies extremely knowledgeable they put my nerves at complete ease. I learned so much & feel so much more confident with carrying my weapon. I totally encourage anyone interested in learning more about carrying your weapon take this class!!! When we went to the range to shoot they were very encouraging & I truly enjoyed it. Thank you ladies for a great class & you will see me again!!!"

Michelle C.

"I have been recommending my friends come to your CC class and then take at a minimum the Form & Accuracy and Skill-Builder 1 course. Although I tell them they should take them all. I have been surprised to learn how many have weapons, have never had a class or don't fire to remain comfortable with it."

Erin C.

- Our students of all levels are welcome to practice with this group.

Detail-oriented, relevant information designed to build confidence.  Emphasis on female learning style.  After the classroom portion of the class you will go to the range and have a private lesson with one of our  instructors until you can comfortably shoot the target center mass.  Questions are encouraged in our fun, friendly, respectful, environment. If you don't have your own gun yet, stop in the store a couple of days before your class and learn about your options.  We'll be happy to help you select a gun that "fits" you.   We bring several of our top selling firearms to the range on class day and you will be able to actually shoot your selection during class.  "Try before you buy".  


Range fee and use of firearm are included in class price.  Classroom approx. 2 hours - Range approx. 1.5 hours, note you will not be shooting the entire time.  Class size limited. - $145


Q. Will I be able to apply for my Concealed Carry after taking this class?

A. Yes, this class exceeds the minimal requirements of the state of FL to apply for a CCW. Many people who have a FL CCW and are still uncomfortable using their firearm are very happy after they participate in this class.

Q. I've completed this class, what's next?

A. You can go two directions.  Depending on your conficence level you can move on to Skill Builder 1 or you can take a slower path and sign-up for Form and Accuracy.  Watch your email for an invitation to classes.


"This amazing store is the FIRST thing I always mention and recommend to fellow female gun lovers, men on occasion. I took my CCW class here and definitely recommend to anyone; So detail oriented that it satisfies my OCD 😂
Over all great store to purchase all gun related things! Always my #1!!" 

Natanya F.


 Form and Accuracy 

No matter what your level of experience - Our individualized instruction by our experienced range instructors will give you valuable techniques and adjustments to increase your accuracy and proficiency with your firearm.  Experienced shooters will benefit from our "Corrective" analysis of their form to identify problems and improve accuracy. For less experienced shooters this individualized instruction will build your confidence in your ability to handle your firearm and develop a solid foundation for all shooting and training to follow. - $85

 Shooting Group (meets Monthly) 

All students who have completed our Basic or Form and Accuracy Classes are invited to join our monthly shooting group.  This provides an excellent opportunity to reinforce your newly learned skills no matter which classes you have taken.  Our same friendly instructors that you already know are on the range during this time and are happy to offer assistance and advice that is that supports the same techniques you learned in class.  Shooting your firearm should be practiced regularly.

Registration required.

Download the Registration here or pick it up at the store.

Remember - "Your firearm is only as effective as YOU are, train and practice often".   

AR 15 - Defense Rifle Class


This two part class begins in the classroom with a familarization with the rifle. This class is perfect for the beginner and those who purchased one of these rifles, but still don't know what to do with it. 

In our FIRST segement in the classroom you will learn about the Rifle and how to use it. We will take them apart as well and you will be surprised just how easy it is. We will explore the inner workings and light maintenance all with our signature "ladies instructional approach". (90 minutes)

The SECOND part of the class takes place on the following Saturday AM where you will learn to safely and properly fire your rifle on an outdoor range. (60 minutes) 

Each attendee should bring their own rifle and ammunition (100 rounds, aka 5 boxes). Bring hearing and eye protection, a hat, bottle of water and sunblock. No low cut shirts or open toe shoes.- $120

**If you do not have your own AR-15 we will provide one for $15.00 and you provide your own ammuntion.

once you complete our basic classes; You will receive an email "invitation"

to sign up for the next class.  

Skill Builder Series

 Skill Builder 1 - Improving Accuracy & Handling. (No revolvers) 

- Beginner to Intermediate




The Femme Fatale ARMS Skill-builder Improving Accuracy & Handling course is designed for those students who have taken Femme Fatale ARMS' "Basic Firearm Use and Safety/ FL Concealed Carry" and would like to further develop their defensive handgun shooting skills. 


In this course you will have an opportunity to increase your knowledge of defensive shooting and will learn techniques for using your handgun in a defensive situation.  This class will develop muscle memory and proper form, while applying essential techniques that will establish a foundation for more advanced shooting.  Handling "jams" and "stovepipes" will also be practiced.- $90



Basic Firearm Use and Safety/ FL Concealed Carry

Ability to independently load, fire, and unload firearm.


*Students must bring their own firearm (no Revolvers) and 200 rounds of ammunition. (4 boxes)

 Skill Builder 2 -

Improving Accuracy while Overcoming Adversity  

- Intermediate

Now that you have your foundational skills, it is time to take them to the next level! You will not only reinforce what you learned in Skill-Builder 1, but you will learn to handle your firearm in ways that will enable your ability to not only defeat your attacker, but to stay in the fight under adverse conditions.  The Femme Fatale ARMS Skill-builder 2 class (Improving Accuracy while overcoming adversity) is designed for those students who have completed Skill Builder 1 and would like to further develop their defensive handgun shooting skills. $90

Meet at the RANGE. Plan to arrive at the range at least 10 minutes before Class begins.   Approximate length of class 1.5 hours.  (Range fee is included with Registration). 



Skill Builder I 


*Students must bring their own firearm (no Revolvers) and 200 rounds of ammunition. (4 boxes)

 Skill Builder 3 -

Drawing from a Holster and Defending Against Multiple Attackers 

Now that you have gotten through Intro, Skill-Builder 1 and Skill-Builder 2, its time to take your shooting to the next level and start working from your holster!

We are going to start where we left off with SkillBuilder 2, then get you safely and effectively starting every drill with a holstered firearm.  You will then move onto strategies for engaging multiple targets, as well as moving to make yourself less of a target!  $90

Meet at the RANGE. Plan to arrive at the range at 10 minutes before Class begins.   Approximate length of class 1.5 hours. (Range fee is included with Registration). 


Skill Builder 1

Skill Builder 2


*Students must bring their own firearm (no Revolvers) and 200 rounds of ammunition. (4 boxes) 

AR Defense Rifle II 

 Defensive Tactics 

- Advanced


Once you have successfully completed the three skill builders you will receive an invitation to attend D-Tac.  


This monthly class will change month to month and always challenge your cognitive abilities as well as getting you moving and shooting in a variety of drills designed to engage your mind in addition to physically challenging your skills .  $45

At the end of each class a token of "achievement" will be awarded to the participant who best exemplified the instructors direction.  Have fun, grow those skills!