Ladies Day at the Range 

We're sorry, the Festival has been postponed...

This page will be updated frequently check back often for the latest news and activities. 
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Photos from Last Year

"Lots of activities to participate in. SWAT was amazing as well as PBPD. Everyone was nice and had a variety of vendors to shop a little. Excited to go in 2020. Make sure you wear the eye/ear protection, guns going off in abundance. Great experience!"

Shawna W.

Femme Fatale ARMS and Training is happy to host an event for the community where women (and men) can experience shooting sports. Whether you have never held a gun, or shoot regularly or somewhere in between, you'll find something fun to do at the Second Annual Femme Fatale ARMS' - Annie Oakley Festival. **


  • 30-45 minute safety and information seminar.

  • You will receive free hearing and eye protection. 

  • You will be able to shoot all of our handguns, rifles and shotguns! 

  • WE provide all YOUR ammunition for the day! You just attend the class and have a great time trying out all the firearms!

All of the proceeds from this event are to benefit the Palm Bay Police Dept. Victim's Services, Explorers Program and S.W.A.T. 

We are adding activities and vendors almost daily, keep checking our website and blog for the latest news!


The biggest challenge for new shooters is getting started. First Shotsmakes getting started in shooting very easy. At a First Shots seminar, you'll receive: An educational introduction to the safe and recreational use of firearms and clear understanding of the local requirements for owning and purchasing a firearm. **


We will have female instructors, local law enforcement and Range Safety Officers overseeing all the shooting activities.


Learn to properly shoot a semi-automatic pistol.  After the class you will have the opportunity to shoot a small pistol. Experienced instructors will be with you and guide you through the entire experience. If you have shot before, this is a great opportunity to receive a few tips on improving your technique.


Learn to Shoot a .22 rifle Rifles are easy and fun to shoot, they are great for shooting longer distances and have hardly any recoil (push back) when fired. You'll find this a fun and empowering experience. 

Learn to shoot an AR-15 Defense rifle. - I know, we've all seen the video's where the woman pulls the trigger and... well you know. Nobody wants to be her. These rifles are quite easy to shoot, even for ladies over 50! Give it a try, take a picture to show your family and friends.

Try a Shotgun! 



Extra Experiences- Participation fee required, prices vary. Proceeds to benefit non-profit organizations. Under the watchful eye of a professional you will have the opportunity to participate in the following experiences.

SWAT Experiences


Sandwiched Women Among Testosterone (SWAT) in the Shoot house. This experience is an extra cost over the admission. For $50 you will have the unique opportunity to breach (bust down) a door and enter a building as one of the 4 member SWAT team. You will wear the safety gear (no heels) and carry your own airgun. You will clear the house as one of the members of this elete team. All proceeds from this activity will go to fund the SWAT team's activities and charities.

Photo's with the SWAT Team - there will be a nominal charge for photo's but heck, how often do you get a chance to pose with these guys in full gear? Imagine posting this pic on your facebook!

Shoot a Machine Gun! Under the watchful eye of a professional you will have the opportunity to fire an M4 or MP5 automatic rifle.

Shoot a Sniper Rifle - Tips and supervision by a Real S.W.A.T sniper, you will have the opportunity to fire the rifle at a target.

Tomahawk Throwing - Backyard Games of Melbourne, will bring their mobile unit for you to have this fun and exciting experience. 


4270 Minton Road  West Melbourne / Palm Bay, FL 32904
Behind Longdoggers & Walgreens