An Alternative for Self Defense…and …Helping a Targeted Community Stay Safe

In times of crisis select communities are often targeted. There are alternatives to Guns that we can all use to stay safe.

Written by Richard Dockery, March 21, 2020

There are many alternatives that can be used to keep people safe. In times of crisis, with panic buying restricting access to pretty much everything, we sometimes need to look for alternatives. We also need to be conscious of members of our community who tend to be targeted because of their religion, race, etc. and provide support wherever needed.

The below article was not written by me, but instead by another respected trainer and veteran in the industry. Yonatan makes many very good points, as does the article he references that I have also included.

There are 2 very important takeaways from this article:

First, there are communities that are frequently prayed upon in times of crisis. Evil uses crisis for opportunity to do evil things. The animals come out when society is most vulnerable and protective resources are strained. This can be driven by prejudice or the simple desire to do harm. It is reality.

Second, there are alternatives to traditional guns for self defense. Cap & Ball revolvers are not defined as guns and therefore are not under the same restrictions. They are harder to use but have been in use for defense and even warfare (think Civil War and the Old West)…are not hard to learn…and are very effective.

We live in a time where good people need to work together for the safety of all against the predators that are among us.

The below was written by Yonatan Stern, Director of Cherev Gidon:

Quite a few friends and clients from NYC recently have contacted me asking how they can get a firearm quickly. They are obviously concerned about their safety amid the Corona Virus epidemic, and the possibility that society may descend into chaos. Let me first of all say that the ABSOLUTE WORST PLACE one could possibly be in such a situation is NYC, especially unarmed and visibly Jewish. So the first thing I have to tell these folks is “get out of NYC”. Some already have left, but others because of work requirements can not just pick up and leave overnight, at least not without losing their jobs. Those individuals are admittedly in a VERY BAD situation, and I do not envy them. The simple answer to their question is “nothing available legally”. You can not own a firearm in NYC (long gun or hand gun) without first obtaining a license from the NYPD. Even for rifles and shotguns, this process it time consuming, and there is no way the application can be processed overnight, or even before this current crisis eventually ends. That means that if the sh*t really does hit the fan, those people will be sheep to the slaughter, up against hordes of desperate, illegally armed savages who could’t care less for the law and will do anything to get the supplies they want, and already have a bone to pick with Jews. For those individuals, it might be worth looking into cap-and-ball firearms. While these weapons are antiquated 1860’s technology, they are undoubtedly effective, reliable and wield significant stopping power. These weapons are not classified as firearms under federal law, and hence can be shipped to your door in the mail, without any licensing, paperwork or background check whatsoever. Believe it or not, they are even legal in NYC. There was a famous case a few years back where the NYPD tried pressuring a man to surrender or license and register his musket, but the law was on his side and he refused. Eventually the NYPD gave up and left him alone with his unlicensed, unregistered gun. And that was a gun the NYPD knew about… Now keep in mind that one is only allowed to possess these in NYC unlicensed WITHOUT the ammunition or loading supplies. If you wanted to load or shoot your black powder firearm, you’d still technically need to get the weapon licensed and registered. However there is nothing stopping the next-door neighbor from possessing the black powder, percussion caps and lead balls alone, while you happen to own the gun itself… such coincidences do happen. Now of course I would never tell anyone to break the law and keep your muzzle-loader loaded and ready, but the fact is there is absolutely nothing stopping anyone from doing just that if they so wished and the situation required it. So, just food for thought for those of you stuck for the time being in the armpit of America.

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