Ammo vs. Toilet Paper…What is the Better Choice?

In the time of crisis over the Corona Virus we have many decisions to make regarding sustainability and security.

Written by Richard Dockery, March 12, 2020

Ammo vs. Toilet paper…it’s a question not many people are asking in this time of panic due to the Corona Virus…but should they? We see empty shelves, fights in the isles of Walmart over Charmin, and a complete lack of hand sanitizer in every pharmacy. The question is, where is this going as things get worse, more cases are diagnosed, and the press spins people into a frenzy?

If we are fighting over toilet paper and we are still relatively early in the stages of the proclaimed pandemic, what is going to happen when the focus is on food? What happens when the canned goods run out and the perishables are gone? If we can’t keep up with bottled water, then is the food supply next? How long after facing empty shelves will people wait before they start shopping other sources…like their neighbors pantry?

We have seen similar during blackouts in big cities, during the LA Riots, during the aftermath of Hurricanes in South Florida and Louisiana. In times of crisis and desperation, people are not beyond preying on the resources of others by forceful and violent means.

So when you head to the store to stock up on that last role of TP, the remaining case of water, or the dwindling supply of canned goods, remember….it’s not yours unless you can defend it….and you will need to defend it if nobody else has it.

Think ahead, think safety and security, and prepare to insure your family’s safety as well as sustainability. The issue is one and the same.

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