Meet The Team


Our training staff is committed to making sure you have a safe and productive learning experience on the range. We have female and male instructors with a variety of backgrounds in firearms and public safety.  


Richard Dockery is our lead instructor and oversees our training curriculum. Richard served our country as an Army MP during the first Gulf War and continues to build his knowledge through extensive research and attending various "train the trainer" firearm skills classes taught by nationally reputed, top of the line, military instructors.  All the tactics we teach our students are research and experience based techniques taught by combat veterans who survived numerous firefights.  (Yes ladies, you will learn badass techniques without realizing it!)



All our Firearm classes are conducted on an outdoor shooting range in Palm Bay. Unless otherwise stated in the description we use real firearms and real bullets for our training.  Our Basic Firearm Use and Safety Class allows you to work "one on one" with an instructor whose only focus is you and your shooting,  Our advanced "Defensive Tactical" class, our instructors will be observing and offering corrective techniques to make your experience safe and informative.

Richard Dockery

Lead Instructor and 

Training Development

Richard is a Gulf War Veteran, having served in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm as a Military Police Officer.  

Richard continues to attend advanced training classes offered by Nationally Recognized Military and Law Enforcement trainers.  

He constantly researches the newest most effective techniques in self-defense and incorporates then in Femme Fatale ARMS' training program. 


Sales Associate

Jake is a graduate of Westshore Jr/Sr High School in Melbourne.  He is a Sgt. in the Palm Bay Police Explorers program.  He is beginning classes to obtain a BA in Business Administration.  He plans to join a local Law Enforcement agency when he's completed his studies.  


Range Instructor

Tina is a retired SWAT sniper.  She served 26 years in the Massachusetts Department of Corrections.


Range Instructor

Geanine has 30 years of service with Brevard County Fire Rescue (BCFR).  In her current position, she is the FIRST female District Fire Chief with (BCFR).  


In the past Geanine served as a reserve officer with Brevard County Sheriff's Office on the SWAT team as a medic.  During this time she worked with BCSO to develop the countywide PD and FD joint training for casualty recovery of an active shooter incident.  This enables Fire Rescue to enter with SWAT to save lives. While she was with the West Melbourne Police Department she worked with them to establish medical skills and Active shooter response with Fire Rescue.   Oh, she's been sky diving once.  Oh, ask how she recently saved a life doing CPR before crews arrived. Geanine will be working on the range teaching our students.