Meet The Team


Our training staff is committed to making sure you have a safe and productive learning experience on the range. We have female and male instructors with a variety of backgrounds in firearms and public safety.  


Richard Dockery is our lead instructor and oversees our training curriculum. Richard served our country as an Army MP during the first Gulf War and continues to build his knowledge through extensive research and attending various "train the trainer" firearm skills classes taught by nationally reputed, top of the line, military instructors.  All the tactics we teach our students are research and experience based techniques taught by combat veterans who survived numerous firefights.  (Yes ladies, you will learn badass techniques without realizing it!)


Tina is a retired SWAT sniper and has trained with us for nearly 5 years.

Geanine - Law Enforcement Instructor w/ Sheriff's dept., served as a police officer in the city of West Melbourne, SWAT medic, and is currently District Fire Chief in Brevard County.  

Aubrey is an experienced "Three Gun" competitor and is currently a BCSO Deputy.


All our Firearm classes are conducted on an outdoor shooting range in Palm Bay. Unless otherwise stated in the description we use real firearms and real bullets for our training.  From our Basic Firearm Use and Safety Class where you work "one on one" with an instructor whose only focus is on your and your shooting, to our advanced "Defensive Tactical" class, our instructors will be observing and offering corrective techniques to make your experience safe and informative.