Can We Really “Train Like We Fight”?

We hear the phrase “Train like you fight” all over in firearms training, and it is supposed to mean we should be training in the manner we intend to fight…pretty […]

How Good Is “Good Enough”

Saving your practice targets is a great idea…it helps you track progress and patterns with your shooting and documents your journey and development as a shooter, while also helping to […]

The Night Before Training

So I am sitting here in a hotel the night before a 2 day Master Defensive Pistol program with an instructor I have been wanting to train with for close […]

The Training House of Cards

All too often I work with people who have been through a class somewhere that taught them what I would consider to be more advanced techniques, yet they are struggling […]

Reflections on The Tragedy in Buffalo

Written by Richard Dockery, Femme Fatale ARMS & Training, May 17, 2022 Buffalo was a horrific event committed by someone with obvious mental issues…who had already been evaluated and released! […]